Noi Cong - Chi Luc 2012

COURSE  (Winter)
February 14.   Training principles. Noi-Cong Daily Breathing Technique: Bao-Moc  (Intrinsic Protection)  
February 21.   Myth and Facts. Technique Dai-Truong (Powerful Force).
February  28.  Techniques of Tiger Noi-Cong
March 13.   The Chart of Meridians.  Head Massage

COURSE (Spring)
April 10.  Chi-Luc Stamina training techniques
April 17.  Dieu Thuy Form , Bao Ngoc Form
April 24.  Khai Quan (Open Gate Technique).
May08.   How to work the  Dan-Dien.
June 12.  Method of Gong and Dynamic Meditation