03-04 November - Cuneo (Italy)

The first session on Saturday morning, is dedicated to VIET KHI PHAP
We will review and teach some forms already introduced in the past, then we go in depth on some aspects of each. 
  • Particularly BAI DI XA (going far away) - will detail the energy aspect (KHI) and mental aspect(Y) 
  • TUYEN SINH (teaching and training of the theory of five elements) - we will do a deep study of this form introduced for the first time in the stage of La Spezia 
  • NGU BO (5 meridians) - The first two movements were studied in detail in the previous stage of Peveragno, here we will complete the other 3 remaining: Stomach, Rate-Pancreas and Heart. We will see in particular how to work on the meridians with the form NGU BO. 
  • Kinh VAN-always Peveragno were taught the first 3 Khin Van (how to work in depth with the breathing methods), here you will learn two other KHIN VAN 
The second session on Saturday afternoon will be devoted to VO VIET 

This session is part of the teaching of some basic forms of VO VIET: 
Tam Nguyen
Kien Tam 
Tam and Vu-for teachers and instructors
Another key part is the endurance training, and the study of the positions and movements. 

Intensive training instead of waiting for us in the 3rd session on Sunday morning: INTERDISCIPLINARY TRAINING INTENSIVE 

The Whole session will focus on the form THIEN LONG 
 It will be taught the first form and then we will take certain specific movements for deeper study and intensive training. 
People who sign up to the stage and that request it will receive before the stage itself, a movie of the form THIEN LONG so they can get more prepared. 
The last session on Sunday afternoon will be devoted to the strategy of the VIET CHI KIEM 

After a revision of the first form the DAI NGUYEN KIEM we will lear the second form, the DAI KIEN KIEM. 
Then we will see some breathing techniques and the use of sound with Kiem, and finally a sequence, the Chieu GIAP, which will be used for training in pairs.